An introduction to music marketing and some of the things I would highlight when starting a new band and looking to promoting yourselves online and off.

We’ve finally put our debut EP in to one file so that there is an alternative to streaming it on Soundcloud.  Feel free to listen now on youtube.

A long overdue post about the amazing genre, post rock.  A quick guide to the bands in it, where you can find new music to listen to, including post rock radio stations and much more.

Good Pop Bad Pop 2, this time is lyrics!

New Song story, another perspective of one of our songs.

An introduction to realising that once you form a band or create music or any other art form, you are starting a business.  Has links to other resources which can help you and why a website is your number one priority for your band.

A look back at the recording studio it all started in for make me Alpha.  Quick introduction on how we built it and the gear used inside to make our debut EP.

I just love how post-rock reminds me so much of water, it can be still and serene, or brutal and noisy! The ocean is so vast and deep and there is always a journey to be had when swimming, sailing, freediving, floating, surfing and scuba diving, which goes hand in hand with how I relate and think about this genre. I love them both immeasurably (The ocean and Post Rock).

Marc discusses how he is going to implement the modding of his Boss DS-1 guitar pedal.